by the don


For some bizarre reason my Person has this bizarre urge to splay himself across Electronia – in so many ways. His latest (1-5-10) - this his Music Sub-site - a repository of his musical detritus. Initially he only included the recording of his bizarre CDs - wild voice and organ improvisations of questionable merit – except to the marginally insane. Then he expanded to his Journal Entries related to music – somehow thinking that they had some vague importance to someone other than himself? Who knows? Just a few of these missives into the unknown.

Then for some other obscure reason the Universe introduced him to Nelson Huber – who graciously, not without struggle mind you, led him by the nose to his first public performance – of anything. (Confidentially my Guy is quite closeted.) This initial debut happened to be a one-hour solo classical organ recital before family and friends. Amazingly enough it went off without a glitch, even at his advanced age of 58 (OK - so maybe a few as there is no hope for technical perfection – a limited mastery of execution – just heart-filled practice – skillfully guided by his Music Master – who consistently and obsessively pointed at the miracle of intentional sound.)

This led to a Second Organ Recital – one year later in 2009 at the turn of the decade. Although shooting beyond his physical abilities his music evoked some sighs, an occasional tear, some moist eyes, and more than polite applause – a few even stood.

Anyway in the process of accidental discovery that has characterized my Friend’s meandering existence he came upon some conceptions that he felt impelled to share with the greater world:

Maniera – the aesthetic basis of music - an incredibly important concept that he applies to Bach's Canzona. It also differentiates Classic music from Pop.

A Brief History of Dissonance, based upon his own limited perceptions –

& his reactions to Chromaticism.

Why? His Muse – ma Musa – visits him with lovely Visions – which morph into frantic Furies that torture his naïve mind – unless they are appeased through manifestation. To allow his Soul to rest soundly – without persecution – awake or asleep – we’ve created this Page. If for some reason you happen upon these random scraps in your restless courses across the Web may they serve you well.