Consequences of the Adrenal Response

Love at First Sight

Rods & Cones: Gazing & Focus


The Tibetan Book of the Dead


Part I: The 5 Selves of Yoga

Part II: Characteristics of Protean Yoga

Part III: Origins of Yoga

Part IV. Yoga-Sutra and the Bhagavad-Gita

Part V: Polar Techniques of Yoga – Classic & Tantra

Part VI. Yoga’s translation into a Western context

Tax Reform

1. Early History of Deregulation & the Beginning of Laissez Faire Economics

2. How Progressive is the US Tax System?

3. In Praise of a Progressive Direction for Federal Taxes

4. Applauding the Medicare Surcharge

5. Why America can afford Social Security

6. Political Models, A Brief History: Empire vs. Tribe


What I Learned from Baby Lorry: a few days old

Baby Lorry 6 months: Neither Atoms Nor a Biological Machine

Baby Lorry & Information Dynamics