Neptune sextile Pluto – the Pattern of Hope

The topic of this astrological transmission is the relation between Neptune & Pluto, the two outermost planets in our solar system. This is the final Outer Planetary Configuration that is relevant currently. Although the positive relation between the two is very weak gravitationally, it has great potential – especially when one is oriented towards illuminating the global darkness with light. I call their relation the Pattern of Hope, for reasons that will become apparent.

A relationship, which lasts a lifetime? Almost, not quite

Let’s give a context to their unique relation. From Mercury through to Neptune, the planet that is closer to the Sun always moves more quickly through the Zodiac. For instance it takes Jupiter about 12 years to circle our galaxy, Saturn almost 30 years, Uranus over 70 years, and Neptune over 200 years to go the same distance. Extending that logic Neptune should move significantly faster than Pluto. However, as Pluto is not really a planet (having just been removed from the list a few years ago), he moves in a more elongated orbit than any of the ‘real’ planets. Hence instead of Neptune passing Pluto for good in their course around the Zodiac (as would occur if Pluto were a ‘real’ planet) the two dance in tandem throughout our entire lifetime. Luckily they are in sextile, an auspicious relation – a harmonious one sixth of the way around the Milky Way from each other.

Let’s look at the specifics of their unique relation. Neptune finally caught up with Pluto, forming an exact sextile for the first time in January of 1950. The two planets continued in this positive relation off and on for over 30 years – through the Spring of 1986. At this time Pluto moved out in front again – due to the elongated nature of his orbit. Although the two planets are still relatively close in terms of their harmonic relation Neptune will not catch Pluto again to move out in front until July 2026.

Exact harmony: 1950>1980 A sense of progress

What does it mean as an astrological omen? Neptune, the Priest or Shaman, representing Spirituality, is in harmony with Pluto, the People or Public, representing the power of the small – mass movements. Roughly speaking from the 1950s through the 1980s there was a sense of progress – a feeling that things were gradually getting better. There were more than a few signs.

Externally: Throughout the world countries were throwing off the yoke of imperialism to attain self-determination – sometimes in prolonged battles, but freedom from foreign intervention was generally the result. China, India, and many of the countries in Southeast Asia, Central America and Africa are just some of the territories that gained their independence from foreign rule during this time period. Further there was a growing sense of globalism and egalitarianism, whereby we were all part of the same international community – working for the common good, rather than dominated by self-interest.

Internally: many countries began protecting the welfare of their citizens by providing universal health care, retirement benefits, and job security. The rights of women, minorities and gays began to be acknowledged for the first time. The People realized their Power as a group at last as Americans of all ages stood up to shut down the Vietnam War. Globally Science and Religion were merging, or at least sharing insights and coexisting peaceably.

Spiritually: In this climate many felt that the entire planet was entering a New Age, termed the Age of Aquarius. These New Agers felt that it was just a matter of time before human rights everywhere would be respected, when the flora and fauna of the globe would be honored and protected, when war and environmental degradation would be a thing of the past, when the spiritual quest would be honored above the material quest. This sense of progress combined with the mythology of the New Age was strong and even growing when Pluto and Neptune were aligned.

Moving apart: 1990>2000s The New Age Falls Apart

All these illusions were dispelled or at least damped by the late 1980s – at which time Neptune and Pluto moved out of alignment. President Carter’s policy of human rights had been discredited during the Reagan administration, combined with a return to ruthless imperialism. Attributed to psychedelic drugs the spirituality of the 60s was replaced by rampant materialism – as epitomized by Reagan’s slogan, ‘go for the gold’. There was a return to the warlike patriarchal values of the Old Testament, as epitomized by the Born Again Christian Movement, which also rejected the insights of Science. This was in stark contrast to the majority of religions after WWII, which attempted to consolidate science and religion. The manifested violence and greed of the Bush administrations only reinforced the turn towards aggressive nationalism and self-aggrandizement.

Return to Harmony: 2026 Hope for a New Age

So the fact that Neptune and Pluto, although presently separate, will reunite again, albeit 2026, is a sign of Hope for the future. With their exact alliance we can project the cooperation of science and religion, the melding of the emotional and the physical, and the global fusion of cultures and belief systems. However, rather than be reactive, it’s imperative that we begin working now towards world peace, human rights and a green world – inspired, motivated and energized by the coming harmonious relation between Neptune and Pluto.

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