0. Essential Background
from Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey

This section includes some necessary background information that will be helpful in understanding the terminology and context of the China Papers.

A. History of the China Papers

Including Articles, The Alchemical Monkey, & Tao of China
My Conception: A Mysterious Introduction to Monkey
My Birth, his 1st Article
His 2nd Essay: Taoism during the Ming
The beginning of Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey: January -> April 1996
A Divine Coincidence Inspires the Tao of China: July ?97 -> January ?99
Chinese Alchemical synthesis & Monkey extension: December 2005 -> March 2006
Disclaimer or Needs more editing
A Website & Spatial thinking: August -> September 2008

B. Journey to the West: an Overview

Journey to the West is, first of all, a book
Journey to the West is a Great Work – 'the true Scripture'
The Story, an overview
On the Importance of Taming Monsters
Simultaneous Transformation of Collective and Individual
Enlightenment a necessary sign post, not the destination

C. A Brief History of Chinese Alchemical Writings

D. Lead, Mercury and Earth

an Essential Construct of Chinese Alchemy

E. 12 Main Concepts of Taoism during the Ming Dynasty

1. The Golden Pill
2. Vital Breath (Chi)
3. Breath Regulation
4. Embryo breath
5. Consolidation of the base
6. Refining of the drug
7. The Hour of Hai-mo Tzu-ch’u
8. Taking a bath
9. Temperature
10. The Secret
11. “Capturing the yin to replenish the yang”
12. The Dual Cultivation of Nature and Life

F. A Nature Worshippers take on Taoist Concepts

Bearing Fruit, The Great Work
The Golden Pill manifested externally
Refining the drug by taking a bath
Consolidating the base
The Temperature
The Fire of Death
The Sexual Fire
Reversal: The Secret

G: Ming’s Journey to the West