China Papers

Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey

Part 0: Essential Background
Part I: The Quest, Master & Disciples (Chapters 1>22)
Part II: Beginning Episodes (Chapters 23>50)
Part III: Ending Episodes (Chapters 50>100)

Tao of China

Volume I: Ancient China

Part I: Foundations
Part II: Prehistoric China
Part III: Bronze Age China (Shang)
Part IV: Classic China (W. Chou)
Part V: Spring and Autumn Era (722 -481 BCE)
Part VI. Iron Age China

Volume II: Imperial China

Part VII. 1st Millenium Imperial China: Han to T’ang
Part VIII. 2nd Millennium Imperial China: Sung to Ch’ing
Part IX. 20th Century China

Prehistoric Cultural Ages

Nei-yeh: An Ancient Chinese Self-Cultivation Manual