I. Consolidation of the Base
(Chapters 1> 22)
from Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey

Chapters 1&2: Monkey's Quest

JW Chapter 1: Monkey’s response to Mortality
Searching, but only finding emptiness
Bowing Before Simplicity
JW Chapter 2: Monkey finds a Master
The transmission

Chapters 3>7: Monkey runs amok

JW Chapters 3 & 4: Spiritual training incomplete, Monkey is arrogant
JW Chapters 5 & 6: Mind without Intent is Dangerous
JW Chapter 7: Buddha Tames the Monkey-Mind

Chapter 8: Kuan-yin’s Mercy

Buddha sets the Dharma Wheel in Motion

Kuan-yin: Bodhisattva, Goddess, and Mother
Carelessness, the great crime of alchemy
Sexual Leakage
Kuan-yin’s Compassion, forgiveness and purpose
The Tasks of the disciples

Chapters 9>12: Tripitaka gets his Mission

JW Chapter 9: Biography of a virtuous man
JW Chapter 10 -> 11: A Butterfly flaps its wings
JW Chapter 12: Does Buddhism violate Chinese principles?
The Mass of Land and Water or or Kuan-yin establishes True Intent
Mahayana vs. Theravada Buddhism?
The Necessity of Leaving the home

Chapters 13&14: Monkey joins the Quest

Let us not confuse Metaphor with Reality
The Path of Restoration begins with True Intent
JW Chapter 13: Tripitaka must rely on his Heart, not his Brain
Too much enthusiasm brings on the First Ordeal
JW Chapter 14: Tripitaka’s gains his first Disciple, Monkey
The problem of arbitrary feelings

Chapter 15: The Dragon Horse Submits

The Horse of the Will at Eagle Grief Stream
Pilgrim/Monkey gets a lesson and assurances of protection
Introductory metaphors or Why is the White Horse a Dragon?
The Tiger rides the Dragon to the West
Heaven & Earth touch to form the Sacred Opening

Chapters 16 & 17:  Cooking up Monkey

A bragging contest with tragic results
Fanning the fire, instead of putting it out
The Conflagration attracts a Monster
The Quest for Permanence ain’t easy
The equivalence of Monkey, Kuan-yin and the Bear
The Bear submits to Kuan-yin’s compassion
Expedient Means Trumps Good & Evil
Can Monkey control his Anger?

Chapters 18 & 19: Piggy leaves the Home

The true medicines emerge

A Fallen Immortal, the God of Water
Lingering Pollution
The Five Phase Theory or Metal vanquishes Wood
Mixing metaphors or True Lead Dominates True Mercury
Attachment to the Home
Yet another Metaphor or the Refinement Begins

Chapters 19+>21: Monkey & Piggy team up; not enough

Cooking lead and mercury

The Heart Sutra
Lightness balances substantiality
Enlightened to the Truth
The Yellow Wind Ridge of 800 miles
No one there to protect the Base
Wood & Metal work together, but fail to protect the Fire. No Earth?
Thought Hurricanes
The Divine Wind of Samadhi
Animal nature of deception
The divine guidance of the I Ching; an antidote to mental confusion
Transcendent Philosophy

Chapter 22: Sand Monk, the final Disciple

Earth necessary to contain & protect

Mortal nature and worldly bones too heavy
Asking for help makes it easy
Non-action in the midst of action or the Distortion of Action
Kuan-yin’s gourd, Semen Retention & the Diamond Fruit
Voluntary submission or Spontaneous Arresting
The Curtain Raising Captain
Punishment for carelessness and release
The Flowing Sand (of Nature) River? or Impossible to float
Only the empty mind is light enough
Sha Monk, as earth, containment of desire

Self Balanced - the Quest can Begin

or the consolidation of the base

An Alchemical Tune-up or 5 Phases Consolidated
The Artistic Inspiration
The Quest for scriptures same as attending fundamentals of life
The Five Phases applied to the Ordinary Person
The mutual dependence of Awareness and the Quest
The Multiplicity of Names and their Meanings
A Collective Alchemical Transformation
Wordless nature of the Truth
Of Children and Grandchildren