III. Ending Episodes
(Chapters 53> 100)
from Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey

Chapter 53: A Premature Pregnancy?

Episode 11: The Child-and-Mother River
Spiritual Masturbation

Chapter 54 & 55: Women Problems

Episode 12: A Queen and a Scorpion - Unwanted Brides
Neurotic, but on the Path
Beware of taking the crow for the phoenix
Out of balance Passions
Empty. See no evil. Here no evil
Draining the golden sea

Chapters 56->58: Two Monkeys

Episode 13: Excluded, Mind sublimates as the Shadow

Holding many thoughts the Mind is not serene
The Unruly Ape is banished

Incomplete Episodes V3

Chapters 59->61: The Mountain of Flames

Chapters 62&63: Tripitaka sweeps the Golden Light Monastery

Chapter 64: The Sylvan Immortals

Chapter 65&66: Small Thunderclap Monastery

Chapter 67: The Serpent of Slimy Shit Alley

Chapters 68->71: The Scarlet Purple Kingdom

Chapters 72&73: Spider Women and their Taoist cousin

Chapters 74->77: The Lion-Camel Kingdom

Incomplete Episodes V4

Chapters 78&79: The Young Master’s City

Chapters 80->83: Void entrapping Bottomless Cave

Trapped Again by Compassion

Chapters 84 & begin 85, The Dharma-Destroying Kingdom

Chapters mid 85&86: South Mountain Monster kills Tripitaka?

Chapter 87: Phoenix Immortal Prefecture Offends Heaven

Story: Having offended Heaven must return to right fruit

Chapters 88->90: The Lion spirits of Jade Flower District

Story: Teaching the martial arts the Disciples lose their weapons

Chapters 91&92: False Buddhas of the Golden Lamp Bridge

False Buddhas appear for oil.
Tricked by appearances Tripitaka is captured

Chapters 93->95: Gold Spreading Monastery & an unwanted Bride

Chapters 96&97: Squire K’ou & an Unfortunate Farewell

Chapter 98: Spirit Mountain & the Buddha

Chapter 99: Heaven and Earth provide the 81st ordeal

Story: The imperfection of existence

Chapter 100: A Triumphant return Home to the T’ang Empire