II. Prehistoric China
from the Tao of China

7. Racial and Cultural Beginnings

Human Evolution in China
Northern Mongoloid Race
The Effect of Climatic Changes upon Human Evolution
Recent Ice Ages
Mongoloid Race develops in isolation
Lake Baikal
Ice age cultures survive on lower coastal plains
Beringian culture spreads south
Cultural collision with indigenous

8. Neolithic China, the Yangshao

Painted Pottery Culture: 5000-2500 BCE
Origination of Upper Yellow River culture
Invasion & Eastward Migrations
Cultural Diffusion from the West
The Yangshao: a Classic Neolithic Agri-Culture
Neolithic Pottery motifs, Pretty Patterns or Symbolic in nature?
Specifically Yangshao

9. The Longshan

Black Pottery Culture: 2500 BC-1000 BC
Archaeological evidence
Longshan culture, an indigence emergence?
Longshan: nomadic invaders or local development?
China and outside influence
The following Shang culture, a continuation of Longshan

10. Mythical and Legendary China

History of legendary history
In the beginning, mythical god-kings
ShĂȘn Nung, the Divine Farmer, introduced agriculture
Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor
The Three Sovereigns
Legendary Xia dynasty (2205-1765 BCE?)
The Shang dynasty (1765-1122 BCE?)