IV. Classic China
from the Tao of China

21: Western Chou (1122-771 BCE)

Chou dynasty (1122-249 BCE): Western & Eastern

Western Chou: Classic China: Traditional history

Duke of Chou establishes multiple Chinese legacies

China’s Feudal system

The Military Aristocracy both defends and exploits the Peasantry

Mandate of Heaven

Ruler's Responsibility: Welfare of the Citizenry

22: The I Ching & Yin-Yang theory

Context: the First Chinese Classic

History of the I Ching

Spirit transcends the Yin-Yang Polarity

Universal background of the I Ching

Crossing the Great River

Rivers in Journey to the West

Flowing Sand River

Regularity of the Seasonal cycle

Trigrams create ‘great field of action’

Divination and the I Ching

23: The shih  and the ju

Warrior officials, the shih

The Literati, the ju

The 6 'talents' of the warrior officials/shih serve multiple functions.

Warriors become officials during the Chou