Day 7: ‘Flagrant Violation of International Law’


‘Legitimately Elected Leader?’

Santa Barbara News Press, the end of December 1989, continued from the front page, end of the article, [as always with crucial info].

Noriega (cont. from Page 1)

But State Department spokesman Richard Boucher took issue with the Vatican description of the United States as an occupation force in Panama.

“We are down there with the consent of the government of Panama, the legitimately elected leaders of Panama,” Boucher said. “That means we’re not an occupying power.”

At the United Nations, the General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned the US. invasion of Panama as a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law and called for the swift withdrawal of US. troops. … [These resolutions] carry moral weight as the will of the international community.

Dim Dune: “Harry, it seems the world didn’t buy Bush’s argument of ‘self-defense’. They called it a flagrant violation of international law. Maybe that evil Castro was right.”

Harry: “What are you talking about? The headlines didn’t mention any of that. Just ‘Noriega’ that’s all.”

Front page Freddy: “I didn’t see any of that information either. The front page certainly didn’t mention anything about this international censorship. I wonder what it means?”

Dune: “Which international law did we violate? Why do they call for the swift withdrawal of US. troops if we are truly a liberating army. Why don’t they want us to liberate Panama?”

Realistic Ralph: “Maybe, just maybe, we are not liberating but conquering. Maybe, again just maybe, we violated their sovereignty.”

Dune: “ Why does the Vatican, which seems to be a fairly neutral source, call us an occupying force? I thought the natives were throwing parties for us every night. What does he mean legitimately elected

Ralph: “Remember the election in March 1989 – when the US. spent ten million dollars bribing Panamanians to vote for their man, Endara.”

2 TV & 10 Radio Stations Closed Down in Panama


Is This Russia?

S B News Press, late December 1989

Panama (cont. from Page 1)

The government [of Panama] meanwhile closed two television and 10 radio stations believed linked to Noriega and declared them ‘under state custody’. … Government spokesman Edwin Cabrera said the station’s finances would be investigated and their assets expropriated if irregularities were found. If not, he said they would be returned to their owners.

Dim Dune: “My gosh! They’re closing down the opposition media in Panama.”

Old Oscar: “What’s that you say? Russia is closing down the media again or was that China? It must have been some Communist country.”

Dim Dune: “No, it was the US. occupation forces in Panama.”

Oscar: “Did you say the Russian occupation forces in Afghanistan?”

Dune yells: “No. The American puppet government in Panama shut down two Panamanian TV stations and ten radio stations. That’s quite a few in such a small country.”

Oscar: “You say it was one of those Communist puppet regimes. Which one? Speak up boy!”

Dim Dune getting mad: “Panama!!”

Oscar: “Panama!? The US has run that country for years, boy. So what else is new?”

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