Book 1: The Rise & Fall of Southeast Asia's Empires

Part I: Introduction to Southeast Asia & her Prehistory

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1: Southeast Asia's Tectonics

2: Southeast Asia's Language Families

3: A Linguistic View of Southeast Asian Prehistory

4: Southeast Asian Linguistics: A Deeper Look

5: Prehistoric Cultures of Southeast Asia

Part II: Southeast Asia's Mainland Empires

6: 1st Millennium Southeast Asian Kingdoms

7. Asoka transforms Buddhism into a Global Religion

8. History of China’s Mahayana Buddhism

9. Chinese Mahayana vs. Southeast Asia’s Theravada

10: Khmer's Naga Mother

11: Khmer's Indian Father

12: The Tragic Story of Khmer’s Father, Tamil

13. The Succession of Khmer Kingdoms & China

14. Aesthetic Foundations of Angkor

15. Angkor Wat

16. The Angkor Temple Complex

17. Southeast Asia's Unique Aesthetic

Part III: The Ramayana & the Mahabharata

18. Ramayana, an Introduction

19. Rama, warrior king & devaraja

20. Rama, lover and soul mate

21. Ramayana, the Ambiguity of 'Evil'

22. Rama/Vishnu, the Original Avatar

23. The Mahabharata, an Introduction

24. The Mahabharata, An Anti-War Novel

25. The Mahabharata: the Devaraja/God-king

26. Respect for Women & Artists in the Mahabharata

Part IV: Southeast Asia's Island Empires

27: Southeast Asia's Ocean Geography & International Entrepots

28: The Srivijaya Empire

29. The Dieng Plateau: Abode of the Gods

30: The Sailendra Dynasty's Borobudur

31: Java's Prambanan temple complex

32: Temple Builders & Devarajas

33. Southeast Asia's Succession of Maritime Empires

34: Malacca's Roots, Glory, & Demise

35: China's Disappearing Act

36: A Muslim overlay on top of Austronesian beliefs

Leftover Chapters

Chapter 3: A Brief History of Thailand

Chapter 4: A Brief History of the Empire of Angkor

Chapter 5: Preliminary Research into Malacca

Chapter 6: A Brief History of Singapore