Book 4: The Creative Pulse

Table of Contents


Book 4, The Creative Pulse, is an extension of the discoveries of the mathematics of behavior that were laid out in Book 1, Data Stream Momentum. It develops a new notion - the power of sustained Attenion, which leads to the Creative Pulse. This mathematical model is based upon the inner nature of Newtonian physics – no matter, no space, no time - just data streams. It makes distinct predictions about interruptions to a productive session.

11. The Experiment

0. Foreword

1. Previews: Sleep, the Creative & Competing Alliances

2. The Data

3. Data Sets & Crazy Correlations

4. Meditation enhances the Creative

5. Just the Right Amount of Work best for Vitality

6. Summary & Conclusion

12. Power & Creative Heat

13. The Creative Pulse

1. History of the Creative Pulse

2. Unacceptable Models of the Creative Pulse

3. At last a Handle

4. Mathematical Modeling

5. The Higher Directionals

6. Graphs of an Interrupted Break: Undiscussed