Book 2. Directionals: Content, Context & Beauty

Table of Contents


This book is a mathematical exploration of Directionals, a central measure based in decay. Although it is easily calculated from its context, the mathematician in charge of this mess followed his urge to derive a content-based equation. This led to some miraculous equations which mimic seeds in their patterns of unfurling and unraveling. In the last Notebook, a picture/equation was derived, which is visually beautiful. The picture/equation seems to reflect natural fractal patterns – illustrating the direct connection between science, nature and art.

5. Data Stream Derivatives

51. Building Derivatives of a Data Stream

52. Deviations & Scalars; Directionals & Vectors

53. Properties of these 4 Average and Change Series

54. Summary & Conclusions

6. Deviation Study

61. Characteristics of Deviations

62. Differences of Deviations or Which is larger?

63. Looking for Patterns

64. Patterns vs. Rules: A meta-Context

65. Summary & Conclusions

7. Seed & Root Equations

71. History: A Context-based approach to Directionals

72. Derivatives as a function of their content

73. Furling, Unfurling & a Fractal Root

74. Double Unfurling & Unraveling

75. Folding, Raveling & the Seed Equation

76. Summary & Conclusions

8. Time, a Fractal Response

81. Foundations of Live Data Stream Science

82. A Study in Unraveling

83. Potential Impact Graphs

84. Foundations of Potential Impact

85. A Reprise: Decay & the Fractalization of Time

86. The Scientific Method for the Study of Life

87. Conclusions & Summary

9. Potential Impact

91. Theoretical Underpinnings of the Potential Impact Graphs

92. Pascal's Triangle & a Binomial Expansion

93. Raveled Numbers

94. Finishing with a Pretty Picture of a Fractal Equation

95. Conclusions