Short Story Page


by don the story teller

created September 13, 2007

The Master said: “Right.”

The Student immediately made a sharp turn – right into the Mud.

Student: “Aurgh!”

Master: “What are you doing?”

Student: “Obeying you.”

Master: “But you moved off the Path.”

Student: “You said to go Right.”

Master: “You throw away all your training because I say the word ‘Right’? A bit of an overreaction to a little word.”

Student: “I wanted to prove my absolute obedience.”

Master: “A blind obedience to words that are inherently ambiguous does no one any good. ‘Right’ in that context meant ‘Veer Right.’”

Student: “Why didn’t you say so?”

Master reflecting: “To help you to learn to separate Reality from Words. You have a tendency to overreact to suggestions, as do most students. This is why I say so little and let you discover for yourself.”

Student: “What should I have done?”

Master: “Look for the contextual truth behind the ideas the words evoke. Maintain integrity. And focus on the One.”