Short Stories

Searching for Grapes (1/3 page)
Overreaction (1/3)
The Man who trapped himself (2)
The Man who couldn't recognize himself (2)
The Hand who thought he was Free(2)
The Book of Heaven (2)
The Lost Toddler (2)
The Door (3)
I've Got A Tiger by the Tail (4)
Cloudland (5)
Darwin, the Chicken who practised Wu-Wei (5: Photos) (May 2005)
The Continuing Adventures of Darwin (5: Photos) (May 2010)
Waiting for the Time (8: illustrated)

Stories imbedded in The Erection

The Erection(10)
Laughers of the World Unite! (Unavailable) (7)
Jill and Jack (Unavailable) (12)
Taming Your Beast (Unavailable) (271)
The Ladder (4)
The Whole Man (4)

Stories imbedded in The Fairy Tale is Over

Sleeping Beauty Unveiled (4)
The Empire invades Oz (30)