Short Story Page

Searching for Grapes

by don the story teller

originally created November, 1999

imbedded in Ma Belle


There was once a Marketplace in some place and time very similar to the one that we are in now. Travelers from all over the world came to this Marketplace, because it was said to have everything. At one point, for some unnamed cosmic reason, four travelers from far off and exotic places entered the marketplace.

The first said: “I am seeking putao.” The second said: “I am attempting to find traube.” The third: “I have come from far away to obtain uva.” The fourth: “I have searched far and wide to acquire vayntroyb.”

Because these travelers had come from so far away, none of the merchants could understand their variety of requests. Because of this they brought the travelers to a Wise One who could understand many languages. The travelers repeated their individual requests for putao, traube, uva, and vayntroyb.

The Wise One smiled and said: “You are all seeking the same thing - Grapes. But I have something better.”

“What is that?” they all clamored.

“Allow me to teach you how to turn your grapes into wine."

"Wine? Wine just gets people drunk." - "Causing myriad problems." - "Dissipation and irresponsibility."

"Wine has to do with a Greater Truth.”

"Greater Truth?"

"Grapes have a pleasant taste and are good for quenching thirst. are like knowlege. Wine, on the other hand, can lead to divine possession because it has been cooked by experience. This is the difference between wisdom and knowledge."