Chinese Meditation from Master Fu-Yuan Ni

Santa Barbara, California
February 13, 2010
Copy right reserved


1. Only if making inner mind stay centered correctly, not hold onto anything or prejudice, and with no thought in mind, then we can enter the gate of mysterious wonderfulness. Mysterious wonderfulness in mysterious wonderfulness is the gate of all wonders.


2. One converges his/her mind to breaths, until the mind and spirit are not affected by or follow the external environment. Then one has intersected with the Tao.


3. When meditating, conserve our mind to listen to the breaths. When our breaths gradually get finer and finer then our mind gets finer and finer too. When our mind gets finer and finer then it makes our breaths converge. When our breaths converge, it empties our mind and make us humble. Consequently, the breaths are stabilized and harmonized. Breaths are derived from mind. We want to be able to sense the no sound part. i.e. We need to be patient in listening to the breaths getting lighter and lighter, finer and finer. The more relaxed one is, the more finer and more tranquil the breath becomes. After some time, all of a sudden the finer sound of breath gets interrupted and eventually stops. Then the real breath reveals itself and the mind entity is recognized.


4. Only reflecting back to ourselves can one reach humility and emptiness. Once it reaches a perfect fit, no forced arrangement is necessary anymore.


5. The tip of the nose is the most wonderfully important. It is used for the leveling and the accuracy of the eyes. Let the eyelids drop till only a small gap is open so that only the tip of the nose is seen, and let the light come into the eyes naturally. There is no need to do it on purpose or not on purpose.


6. Lu Zhu (Lu Dong Bin) said: “Everybody just returns the light naturally. Therefore this is the best wonderful truth in meditation. Light is always moving and very hard to be stabilized. After returning the light naturally for some time, it will be stabilized and congealed.


7. More information about the above method of using the returning light technique to revive our true body. When an event occurs, we deal with it. When an object comes, we need to see through the troth. We use proper thinking to handle things. If we are not influenced by the outside matter, then the light will automatically return back to ourselves. In our daily life, if we can reflect the light back to ourselves all the time without any differentiation between the illusion of a real ego and beings of the other paths, this is the practice of returning the light anytime and anyplace.


8. If we can continuously deal with any event or thing by only using this reflection light method, after practicing two to three months some experienced immortals from heaven will definitely give you assurance or approval.