Chinese Meditation from Master Fu-Yuan Ni

Santa Barbara, California
February 13, 2010
Copy right reserved


1. Only if making inner mind stay centered correctly, not hold onto anything or prejudice, and with no thought in mind, then we can enter the gate of mysterious wonderfulness. Mysterious wonderfulness in mysterious wonderfulness is the gate of all wonders.


2. One converges his/her mind to breaths, until the mind and spirit are not affected by or follow the external environment. Then one has intersected with the Tao.


3. When meditating, conserve our mind to listen to the breaths. When our breaths gradually get finer and finer then our mind gets finer and finer too. When our mind gets finer and finer then it makes our breaths converge. When our breaths converge, it empties our mind and make us humble. Consequently, the breaths are stabilized and harmonized. Breaths are derived from mind. We want to be able to sense the no sound part. i.e. We need to be patient in listening to the breaths getting lighter and lighter, finer and finer. The more relaxed one is, the more finer and more tranquil the breath becomes. After some time, all of a sudden the finer sound of breath gets interrupted and eventually stops. Then the real breath reveals itself and the mind entity is recognized.

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