Tai Chi Classes Santa Barbara

Master Ni style


Master Ni retired June of 2003, a month shy of his 89th birthday. As he intended, his senior students have continued his classes without interruption. We are in our 2nd decade without his physical presence and are still going strong. His spiritual presense is always with us - especially every time we do his forms. Every student in our class, whether they have met him or not, partakes of the essence of his energy whenever they join with the class in the movements that he transmitted to us.

As of January 2019, we continue to have classes in Santa Barbara at the bottom level of the First Congregational Church on the corner of Padre and State (2101 State Street). The classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:40 PM to 7:10 PM and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 11 AM. We are open to new students on Tuesday and Saturday at $15 per month for expenses. If you are interested in taking lessons, come and observe. Then consult with a teacher for instruction.

Call me (don) with any questions at (805) 618-4099.