January>May 1999

January 2, 1999: Where is your self?

Master Ni: “Where is your self?”

I shrug my shoulders.

Ni: “Your self is your Chi. Mind is everything ‘outside’. Your Chi is what is left. As proof: Body can remain living without Mind, while Body dies without Chi, Breath."

Me: “If Mind leads Chi and is outside then does the outside lead the self?”

Ni: "Your Mind comes through your eyes. Where is your chi?"

Me: “In your lower tan tien.”

Ni: "Right. The object is to make Chi & Mind One.
  Mind in Original Cavity - down from top and in from eyes -
  Right angle between third eye and crown.
  In Tai Chi there are Two - Mind and Chi
  In Meditation One - Mind in Original Cavity connects with Chi in Belly Cavity."

February 17, 1999: Reincarnation

Ni: “If I believe in reincarnation I go live in monastery now. I believe in this Life.
Although Body die, I believe something goes on.
Maybe memory, maybe more.
I don’t know.”

February 23, 1999: Abdomen

Ni: “Abdomen can be in or out-
Better be in -
Sitting, standing, talking - All the time.
Most people abdomen goes out as get older.
Not good for healthy.”

May 23, 1999: Eyes are the Key

Ni: “Wealthy doesn’t bring healthy,
Neither does famous.
Eyes are the Key.
Relax is the Door.
Get yang from eyes."

May 29, 1999: Body busy - Mind still

Ni: “Let your Body be busy and your Mind be still.
Natural Way.
If Body is still, Mind is busy.
Not Natural.
This based on Day-Night cycle.
Day Body busy - Night Body rests.
Mind always quiet."