Master Ni's Students

Spiral Movement

Me: "In the YKChen book on Tai Chi that Master Ni considered perfect Chen mentions 2.5 clockwise horizontal circles that are supposed to be performed smaller and smaller and lower and lower in the preparatory movement, of all places. This is the spiral energy that is so powerful. Master Ni’s spiral was so internalized that it was invisible."

The art of martial arts

Gary: "Vinny, our hit man, can do a good job of breaking knees and heads with a baseball bat, but there is no art to it. In contrast Tai Chi and the internal martial arts have style, subtlety and finesse. Without them why not just go out and get a gun."

What’s between Wuji and Tai Chi

Gary: “What is between Wuji and Tai Chi?”

Me: “Between Nothing and the One?”

Gary: “Right. Yi – Mind change or Intentionality."

Wuji = circle
Yi = circle with a dot
Tai Chi = ‘S’ in circle.

July 26, 2007: Tai Chi like Communion

Vicki: "At its best Tai Chi is like Communion - in the sense that we join our energies together to sense the continuity between the ordinary and the divine."

July 25, 2007: Solutions in the Past

Patrick: "When I asked him help me correct a posture he would explain the genesis of the problem was a move or two prior to where I was finding the fault.  The point needing attention was not obvious, yet could be found by paying close attention to the moves leading to the fault."

July 25, 2007: Answering the Question that should have been asked

Patrick: "Another thing I learned is that he often answered the question he would have liked me to ask rather than the question asked.  That is, he took the opportunity of my question to say what was on his mind, without regard to my question.  This was a baffling, Jeopardy-like situation in which I was given an answer and needed to figure out the question!"