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Master Ni & Tai Chi’s Ward Off Energy

Transmitted March 8, 2016

Maintaining the Body Sphere to generate Ward Off Energy

The Horse Stance to rebuild our collapsed Chi Bubble

Body Alignment to fight Gravity, our main Adversary

Residing in the Center to avoid External Distractions

Is Tai Chi a Yoga?

Yoga: any technique that leads to enlightenment

Teacher specializes in technique: Master specializes in enlightenment

Features that make Tai Chi an excellent Yoga

Is Yoga the Tao of Tai Chi?

Words block the Path. Let's do it.

Gazing vs. Focusing: Rods vs. Cones

Master Ni: Importance of Blending Inner & Outer Lights

Wide Soak vs. Tunnel Vision

Balance of Rods & Cones

Connective Tissue System vs. the Nervous System

Transmitted April 19, 2016

The Nervous System

Central Nervous System too slow for basic survival functions

Consciousness: Both Brain & Body – Verbal & Experiential

The Connective Tissue System: a Candidate for Body Consciousness

2 Cognitive Centers for Self-awareness: Body & Brain

Chi Flow & the Connective Tissue System

Musachi & the ‘Empty’ Mind

Reintegrating the Fragmented Body Structure

Links between Chi Flow & the Connective Tissue System

Master Ni & the 4 Alignments of Body & Mind

Tai Chi: Emptying the Body

Connective Tissue Benefits: Spontaneity, Vitality, Love & the Tao

#9 Water as Master Ni'�s Target

#8 Fire & Water

#7 Earth, one of the 5 phases, as it pertains to Tai Chi

#6: Master Ni on the Tao

#5: Excerpts from Chinese Alchemy & the Monkey

#4: Excerpts from Tao of China

#3: Excerpts from Tao of China

#2: Therapeutic Nature of the Chinese Sword

  1. Extension
  2. One pointed concentration
  3. Sharpness
  4. Target
  5. Lightness
  6. Yielding

Connective Tissue Email 4-19-16


I am delighted to share a recent article that I wrote called ‘Connective Tissue & the Nervous System: the Advantages of Body Consciousness’. It contains some interesting speculations regarding the potential benefits of deliberately shifting consciousness out of the Brain and into the Body.

It seems that the Brain's central nervous system is simply too slow to deliberately direct certain common activities, for instance the nearly instantaneous responses to a dynamic environment required of musicians, athletes, martial artists or even someone driving a car. Is it possible that we have some kind of Body Consciousness that enables us respond more quickly to environmental stimuli? If so, is there a biological system that can fulfill this role?

Recent discoveries indicate that our connective tissue system could provide this function. This bodily system permeates every cell in our body, in a much more comprehensive fashion than our central nervous system.

Further, it is an order of magnitude quicker in terms of transmitting both information and energy, than the sluggish central nervous system.

Is it possible that the Connective Tissue System supplies the biological network for Body Consciousness? For more details about this amazing biological system, read the article on our Connective Tissue System.  

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