VI. Iron Age China
from the Tao of China

29: Warring States Era (403-221 BCE)

A Change in the Rules of War

Causes of change: Nomads on horses

Iron farm implements & Irrigation

Politics of metal

The State of Ch’u controls the artistic South

30: Iron



Scientific processes involved

30a: Taoism & Chuang Tzu

Chuang Tzu (350-275 BCE)

Chuang Tzu, the man – Chuang Tzu, the book

Dispelling Taoist Myths

Themes of the Chuang Tzu

31: Chuang Tzu obliterates the Verbal Reality

Internal Rectification precedes Leading by Example

Holding fast to the Source

The Obliteration of Words, Ideas & Categories

The Chuang Tzu seen through the I Ching filter

Mirrors & the Chuang Tzu

Similarities: Chuang Tzu & Journey to the West

I Ching: A Three-pronged Method of Communicating a Sage’s Thoughts

31A. Nei-yeh: Inner Cultivation

Nei-yeh, Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu: the same Self-Cultivation Tradition

The Chia-hsia Academy

The Nei-yeh: ‘Lost’ for Millennia, then ‘Found’

The Tao: Differing Perspectives

Nei-yeh Overview

Create a tranquil internal space to attract cosmic powers

32: Five phases, wu-hsing


5 Elements, Agents or Phases?

Basics of Wu-hsing

Identifying the Proper Solution via the 5-phases

32A: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, & Metal: Applications

Fire points to dynamic phases

Earth as container

Sha Monk, as Earth protector, in Journey to the West

Water flows, nourishes & adapts

Mixing Fire’s Attention, Water’s Desires, & Earth’s Containment

Wood as Life, the fuel for the Fire of Attention

Metal/Discipline refines Wood/Growth

Metal & Immortality

Applying Wu-hsing to Tai Chi, Music & Child rearing

Journey to the West: Importance of the Five Phases

33. Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean & Legalism

The Great Learning & the Doctrine of the Mean

Congruence: Taoists & the Followers of Confucius


34: Ch’in Empire (221-207 BCE)

The Rise of the Ch’in & the End of Feudalism

The 'First Emperor' of Ch’in

Legalism to rule the new Chinese Empire

Book burning & Scholar burying

First Emperor Standardizes Chinese Ideograms

Chinese Ideograms, Algebraic Notation, & the Alphabet

Ch’in accomplishments