Ma Belle II: Rising to Power
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Ma Belle II: Rising to Power

Chapter 1: Manager Wars
Chapter 2: The Middle Way
Chapter 3: Where’s my Wine?
Chapter 4: A Tip of the Cup
Chapter 5: The Importance of Following the Little Voice
Chapter 6: A Moment of Perfection
Chapter 7: The Wine War and the First Casualty
Chapter 8: The Sacred Nature of Wine
Chapter 9: Cutting Costs?
Chapter 10: The End of an Era
Chapter 11: The Joys of Being in Charge of Nobody
Chapter 12: Not Enough
Chapter 13: Things can always get worse
Chapter 14: The Primacy of the Sense of Smell
Chapter 15: Bhogi Brothers 2
Chapter 16: Stale Coffee
Chapter 17: What else could possibly go wrong?
Chapter 18: Abandoned - Again
Chapter 19: The Beginning of a Recovery?
Chapter 20: Antoine wants a real Maitre’d
Chapter 21: A Brief History of Fine Dining
Chapter 22: A Job Reference?
Chapter 23: The Idea of Lewis
Chapter 24: The Reality of Lewis
Chapter 25: I just want to be loved
Chapter 26: The Fall of Autumn
Chapter 27: No Business: No Experience: No Vitality
Chapter 28: Who’s to Blame?
Chapter 29: Delusions of Grandeur
Chapter 30: Family
Chapter 31: The Dead of Winter
Chapter 32: Masking Love with Logic
Chapter 33: Some timely warnings
Chapter 34: Playing the Game with Gusto - Unafraid of Loss
Chapter 35: The Universe helps out
Chapter 36: Brain comes disguised as the Little Voice
Chapter 37: A Learning Experience
Chapter 38: In Love with a Restaurant?
Chapter 39: Empowered
Chapter 40: Restoring Balance
Chapter 41: Sighs and Laughter
Chapter 42: Igniting Antoine’s Flame
Chapter 43: The phoenix rises from the ashes?
Chapter 44: The Execution of Good and Evil

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