Citronelle II: Rising to Power

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As a gourmet restaurant frequented by the elite I, Ma Belle, have been called an Ego Grinder. Rising to Power, the second book in my trilogy, illustrates my potential for shredding pride. Corporate sends me a series of managers, who challenge my protagonists, Chef Antoine and Space, my headwaiter. One manager doesn't care; another is a teenager with no experience; and the third is a practicing alcoholic. In denial concerning their love for me, Chef Antoine questions our relation, while Space goes through emotional turbulence before rising to his power. Brain, of course, continues to spread his web of misconceptions, while the Universe arranges events to put my heroes face to face with Reality, which breaks Heart?s chains and inspires Body to stand up for herself.

Space: "But what can I do? I?m just a waiter. How can I stand up to managers, F&Bs and General Managers?"
Francis: "You just imagine that you have no power. You just imagine that you are a victim. You are a Waiter, the most important person in the restaurant and all the managers know it. Don?t be a victim. Speak up. This is your restaurant after all, not mine. I just make a little commission, the manager makes a little salary, you?re making the big tips for just a few hours."
Space: "But what can I say without any real authority?"
Francis: "You have all the power and authority you want, just use it."
Space: "What do you mean?"
Francis: "Just speak from your Heart. Watch me. 'I'm not going to put up with this anymore. I've been a professional for many years and this is not acceptable.' He pounds his fist on the bar. "Do you understand? Speak from your Heart and you will not be denied."

Space, my ghostwriter, has worked as a waiter for over thirty years. These are the memoirs of his sojourn with me as well as chronicling my tragic life in the Fine Dining spotlight. Learn about the inner workings of the gourmet restaurants as well as the History of Fine Dining, the Central Coast Wine Region, the Primacy of the Sense of Smell, and the Sacred Nature of Wine.

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