Citronelle III: Embracing Change

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Embracing Change, the third book of my trilogy, relates my fall as a nationally acclaimed Fine Dining restaurant located in Santa Barbara. Sigh! After an excellent 10-year relationship with Chef Antoine, Corporate forces him out and brings in another chef, whose execution is fatally flawed. A new owner takes over with the intent of moving me downstairs despite my third story location overlooking the ocean. To maintain control Brain generates fears to frighten Mind. The Little Voice is eventually heard and Heart is awakened. Despite the bleakness of the situation my Staff show their love for me by valiantly fighting for my survival against all odds.

"Although we have just escaped one disaster and are now facing another, we are still holding our heads high - gazing straight forward - embracing what the Universe has to offer. And although we might avoid calamity or an untimely demise for a period of time, the End is approaching - like a steamroller which crushes all in its path. So we attempt to face our inevitable Death with Grace and Dignity rather than Fear and Trembling - realizing that it is all a Game set up by the Gods to test our mettle - to tame our Ego and purify our Souls - helping us to detach from the unessential and rejoice in Just Being - for a little while longer at least."

Ma Belle?s Rise & Fall is a trilogy, which chronicles and celebrates my tragic life in the Fine Dining spotlight, beginning with my rise to national acclaim and ending with my fall into obscurity and death. Events that took place in the confines of my gorgeous third story location overlooking the Pacific Ocean supplied the framework for the multitude of dramas contained herein. Space, my ghostwriter, has worked as a waiter for over thirty years. These are also the memoirs of his sojourn with me. Learn about the inner workings of gourmet restaurants as well as Wine & Health, the evolving Central Coast Wine business, the Importance of Appearance, the Ritual of Fine Dining, and the Nature of Mind.

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