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8. Time, a Fractal Response to Decay


This Notebook starts out with a brief discussion of the foundations of the science of Live Data Streams. We discover that the individual Data pieces are of utmost importance in Live Data Streams. This leads us to a study of Raveled Numbers, which make up Directionals, which are the primary measures of Data Streams. We find that Raveled Numbers are dimensional and scaled. We then look at some Potential Impact Graphs to determine the potential impact of the various pieces of Data upon the Raveled Numbers. Because Directionals are made up of Raveled numbers, we were also able to look at the Potential Impact of individual Data Pieces upon the Directionals. We then find, in looking at the foundations of Potential Impact, that function science has no need for potential impact because the individual data is not important after the function is found. Then we examine the implications of Raveling, scaling, and dimensionality upon Time itself, finding that Time, itself, has a fractal nature. We conclude with a look at the implications of the assumption of unpredictability. We find unreplicability and free will as byproducts. This leads us into a discussion of a different scientific method for Live Data Streams. Below are the contents of this Notebook.

1. Foundations of Live Data Stream Science

A. Discussion: Of Roots, Seeds, Maps & Manifestation
B. Function & Form; Live & Dead Data Streams

2. A Study in Unraveling

A. The Number of Elements in each Unraveling
B. Dimensionality & Raveling
C. Impact Diagrams
D. Fractional Dimensions
E. Dimensional Equations
F. Collapsible Dimensional Numbers

3. Potential Impact Graphs

A. Potential Impact of Data on Unravelings & Directionals
B. More Potential Impact Graphs

4. Foundations of Potential Impact

A. Basics
B. Impact on Traditional Averages, Who cares?
C. Prejudice against Decaying Average Derivatives?
D. Impact upon the Derivatives. Now that's Something!

5. A Reprise: Decay & the Fractalization of Time

A. Smearing Events over Time
B. Consciousness, a reaction to Decay
C. Energy Storage: plants, animals, & minerals
D. Time & Fractalization

6. The Scientific Method for the Study of Life

A. A Little More: Life & Matter, Orthogonal Vectors
B. Unreplicable Ends, Repeatable Trends
C. Another byproduct of unpredictability: Free Will

Conclusions & Summary


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