Master Ni's Santa Barbara Tai Chi

Tai Chi Articles

This page contains links to some Tai Chi articles. These include Master Ni's Ward Off and Is Tai Chi a Yoga?

Master Ni Book

In 2014, the author compiled a book called 'Master Ni's Principles for Tai Chi & Life'. It includes 3 parts:

1) a commentary upon his 12 Tai Chi principles,

2) the relationship of yin-yang theory to Master Ni's Tai Chi, and

3) a collection of his sayings.

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Tai Chi Classics & Wu Tang Sword Book

This book contains some classic quotations regarding the practice of both Tai Chi and Wu Tang Sword. The author considered them to be so important that he published this book to act both as a reminder to himself and his students.

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Master Ni's Last Meditation Class

In February 2010 at the age of 95, Master Ni taught his last Meditation seminar. He based the series of classes on a document that he called Chinese Meditation by Master Fu-yuan Ni. He passed this out at the first class. His paper contains 8 numbered paragraphs. The above link takes one to a page that includes both an account of the seminar and a commentary upon these numbered paragraphs.

Tai Chi Articles

The author sent out a series of 14 articles to his Tai Chi community from October 2007 through October 2008. Some of the articles focus upon Master Ni's teachings, others upon how the Chinese 5-phase theory relates to Tai Chi, and then some on Chinese swords. Many are based on Master Ni excerpts from his

Tai Chi Journal

Journal entries associated with Master Ni & Tai Chi – mostly written in 2007 after Master Ni had retired.

Ni Transmissions

30 Emails written to absent members of the class concerning Master Ni's transmissions from 2000>2003.

Ni's 12 Principles

Master Ni's 12 principles or stages of Tai Chi with explanations.

Ni Documents

Documents that Master Ni passed out to the class.

Ni Sayings

Relatively short quotes by Master Ni and his students.

The author's painting simply entitled Master Ni.

The author was honored that Master Ni both framed the painting and hung it in a prominent wall in his living room.

For more, check out an incredible taichi website created by Theo Radic, one of Master Ni's students.