Chinese Alchemy, the Monkey & the Goddess
General Overview
(198 pages)

In this work the constructs of Chinese Alchemy are employed to shine some reflected light upon the deeper meanings of the book, The Journey to the West, sometimes called The Monkey. In so doing we will also examine China and the synthesis of her Three Doctrines - Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. This mix will be sprinkled with a bit of Goddess worship. We eventually discover that the Quest for Taoist Immortality, Buddhist Enlightenment, Confucian Sagehood, Psychological Self-actualization or the Great Work of the Goddess are all essentially the same. Each of them has to do with tending to the Fundamentals of Life. As such this work is an attempt to explore the essentials of human existence.

Part 0: Essential Background

A. History of the China Papers
B. Journey to the West: An Overview
C. A Brief History of Chinese Alchemical Writings
D. Lead, Mercury and Earth
    An Essential Construct of Chinese Alchemy
E. 12 Main Concepts of Taoism  During the Ming Dynasty
F. A Nature worshipper’s reinterpretation of Taoist concepts

Part I: Consolidation of the Base (Chapters 1>22)

Chaps 1&2: Monkey's Quest
Chaps 3>7: Monkey runs amok
Chapter 8: Kuan-yin’s Mercy
    Buddha sets the Dharma Wheel in Motion
Chapters 9>12: Tripitaka gets his Mission
Chapters 13&14: Monkey joins the Quest
Chapter 15: The Dragon Horse Submits
Chapters 16 & 17: Cooking up Monkey
Chapters 18 & 19: Piggy leaves the Home
    The true medicines emerge
Chapters 19+>21: Monkey & Piggy team up; not enough
    Cooking lead and mercury
Chapter 22: Sand Monk, the final Disciple
    Earth necessary to contain & protect
Self Balanced - the Quest can Begin
   The Consolidation of the Base

Part II: The Beginning Episodes (Chapters 23 >52)

Chapter 23: Piggy corrupted by desires
    Episode 1: The Widow and her 3 daughters
Chapters 24->26: Piggy corrupts Monkey to obtain Ginseng
    Episode 2: Taoist Master, Lord Equal to Earth
Chapters 27->31: Tripitaka corrupted by Piggy to ban Monkey
    Episode 3: Old Monster Yellow Robe
Chapters 32->35: Tripitaka, a False Tiger
    Episode 4: The Monsters of Level Top Mountain
Chapters 36->39: Distinguishing True from False
    Episode 5: The False King of the Black Rooster Kingdom
Chapters 40->42: Five Phases Confused
    Episode 6: The Red Faced Boy
Chapter 43: Sand earns Merit
    Episode 7: The Monster of the Black River
Chapters 44->46: The Disciples expose Intolerance
    Episode 8: The enslaved Buddhists of Slow Cart Kingdom
Chapters 47->49: An Impatient Tripitaka
    Episode 9: The Monster of the Heaven Reaching River
Chapters 50->52: A Bullheaded Tripitaka
    Episode 10: The Buffalo Monster of Golden Helmet Mountain

Part III: The Ending Episodes (Chapters 53 >55)

Chapter 53: A Premature Pregnancy?
    Episode 11: Episode 11: The Child-and-Mother River
Chapter 54 & 55: Women Problems
    Episode 12: A Queen and a Scorpion - Unwanted Brides

Incomplete Episodes V3 (Chapters 59>77)

Chapters 56->58: Two Monkeys
    Episode 13: Excluded, Mind returns as the Shadow
Chapters 59->61: The Mountain of Flames
Chapters 62&63: Tripitaka sweeps the Golden Light Monastery
Chapter 64: The Sylvan Immortals
Chapter 65&66: Small Thunderclap Monastery
Chapter 67: The Serpent of Slimy Shit Alley
Chapters 68->71: The Scarlet Purple Kingdom
Chapters 72&73: Spider Women and their Taoist cousin
Chapters 74->77: The Lion-Camel Kingdom

Incomplete Episodes V4 (Chapters 78 >100)

Chapters 78&79: The Young Master’s City
Chapters 80->83: Void entrapping Bottomless Cave
Chapters 84 & begin 85, The Dharma-Destroying Kingdom
Chapters mid 85&86: South Mountain Monster kills Tripitaka?
Chapter 87: Phoenix Immortal Prefecture Offends Heaven
Chapters 88->90: The Lion spirits of Jade Flower District
Chapters 91&92: False Buddhas of the Golden Lamp Bridge
Chapters 93->95: Gold Spreading Monastery & an unwanted Bride
Chapters 96&97: Squire K’ou & an Unfortunate Farewell
Chapter 98: Spirit Mountain & the Buddha
Chapter 99: Heaven and Earth provide the 81st ordeal
Chapter 100: A Triumphant return Home to the T’ang Empire