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I, don the waiter, wrote this paper in October->November 2001. It is loosely based upon a talk given by Jacopo Poli on Grappa.


The Sacred Nature of Alcohol

1. Basic Grappa
2. Alchemists transform the world
3. Distillation
4. Fermentation
5. Human reaction to alcohol miraculous
6. The Age of Hard Liquor
7. Still recovering from Whiskey Age

Grappa & the Narrowing Parameters

8. A Brief History of Grappa
9. The Distillation Cut
10. Quality of pomace more important than Cut
11. Discontinuous vs. continuous stills
12. Wine sludge transformed into elite drink
13. Primary Factors similar for Wine & Grappa
14. Vineyard parameters
15. Narrow Personal Parameters
16. Distillation of the Self