Nei-yeh: Verses & Chapters

Chinese Self-Cultivation Manual


Historical Context


Nei-yeh, Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu: the same Self-Cultivation Tradition

The Chia-hsia Academy

Nei-yeh: ‘Lost’ for Millennia, then ‘Found’

The Tao: Differing Perspectives

Text: Ambiguities, Overview & Recontextualization

Inherent Ambiguity of Ancient Chinese Texts

Nei-yeh Overview

An Attempt to Re-contextualize the Nei-yeh for the 21st century

1. Sages have Life Force (Jing) in their Core (Zhöng)

Zhöng (the middle or core): Ideogram

The Ideogram for Sage (sheng)

Jing: Ideogram & Definitions

Jing as Generative Life Force

2. Inner Power (Te) & Intention (Yi) to attract & stabilize Ch’i

Ideogram for Ch’i

‘Developing Te’

Welcomed by Awareness (Yi)

3. Emotions & Desires disrupt Mind’s natural Vitality.

'Acting Naturally’ vs. Guiding Natural Developmental States

Hsin: the Ideogram

Hsin, the heart-mind: Brain/Emotion Synergy

4. Tests of Tao: Daily use of Te & Surging Vitality

Tao: Ideogram

The Tao as Energy

Te: Ideogram

Tao: Both Ideal Practices & Mystical State

Te & Contemporary Science

5. Tranquil Mind & Regular Ch'i Flow to attain the Tao

Yi: the Mentation Complex

I Ching: Applying will to thoughts, like applying discipline in a Family

Journey to the West: Making the Will Tranquil

Yi: the Ideogram

6. The Tao of cultivating Mind & Body leads to Success

Interactive Feedback Loop between Tao & Self-Cultivation

7. Heaven, Earth & Humans: Ruling Principles & Features

Correspondence Logic

8. Guiding Ch’i’ results in Vitality; Excess Knowledge harms Vitality

Guiding Ch’i = Tao-yin

Shêng (Vitality): Ideogram

Spirit House Metaphor: Create a tranquil internal space to attract cosmic energies

9. The Benefits of Holding Fast to the One

Master Ni on 'the One'

10. A Well-ordered Mind results in a Well-ordered Community

Natural, i.e. effortless, for Conservation of Mental Energy

11. Aligning Body develops Inner Power (Te)

Te: Ancient History

12. Shên, the source of understanding, repulsed by Mental Turbulence.

Shên: Modern Definition & Ideogram

13. Stabilizing Jing results in Shên, which aligns Hsin (Mind)

Hsin: our behavior patterns, not a cosmic energy source

Inherent Problems of Translating Chinese into English

14. Awareness (yi) to calm the mind (hsin) & tap into the Tao

Yi (Intent) between Wuji and Taiji

Mind within Mind?

15. Preserve Life Force (jing) for Natural Vitality

Nurturing Jing, Ch’i & Shên: a Millennia-long Practice

Jing (Life Force) & Shêng (Vitality)

16. Cultivating Tranquility & Alignment renews Te (Power) & Vitality

17. Practicing Coiling/Uncoiling develops the Tao’s Power (Te)

18. Ch’i Flow of Unimpaired Mind influences Community naturally

Encouraging Yi: Pre-verbal Intentionality

19. Self-Cultivation results in Insight, not Thinking

20. Over-thinking & Overeating drives away Vitality

21. Human Life: Harmonizing Jing & Body => Vitality & Longevity

22. Vitality: Poetry & Music temper excessive Emotions

23. The Tao of Eating

24. Meditation results in Thoughts & Deeds from Heaven.

25. Reliable Vitality comes from Peace of Mind

26. Regarding Ch’i within Hsin, the Heart-Mind

Master Ni on Ch'i, Mind and Desire

Great Learning: Historical Context & Content

Great Learning: Historical Significance for Chinese Culture

Great Learning: Logical structure & Content

Great Learning & Nei-yeh: Complementary Texts

Target Audience & Overall Intent

Self-cultivation: Hsin (heart-mind) vs. Shen (body-mind)

Common Word-Concepts treated in Complementary Fashion

Nei-yeh + Great Learning = Chinese wisdom

Great Learning & Nei-yeh: Importance of Stopping in Perfection

Stopping in Tranquility attracts the Tao’s Vitality

Stopping Accumulating Knowledge & Endless Mental Loops for Vitality

Stopping Cravings & Obsessions

Stopping Destructive Behavioral Momentum

Stopping in the Perfection of the Moment to develop Presence

Cengzi’s Commentaries on the Great Learning & the Nei-yeh

Great Learning & Nei-yeh: Interaction between Will & Mind – Yi & Hsin

Cengzi: Sincere Will (Yi) = No Self-Deception

Emotional Consequences of Self-Deception

Master Ni on Sincerity & Hypocrisy

Cengzi: Mental Alignment basis of Self-Cultivation

Cengzi: Self-Cultivation basis of Harmonizing Family